Ellie DUV | Features
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Ellie Kills 99.9% of Germs in Just 60 Seconds

Ellie uses patented TRUVIOLET™ UV LED technology

No more boiling, steaming, or worrying about melting plastic

BPA free, no toxic materials, environmentally friendly

Lightweight and fits easily in a diaper bag

On-the-go water purification for mixing formula

Great for pacifiers, teethers, toothbrushes, and breast pump accessories

One-week battery life, Micro USB rechargeable

Ellie Eradicates the Bad Stuff Quickly

Ellie kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria in just 60 seconds without the worry of boiling, steaming or harsh chemicals.

The TRUVIOLET technology inside Ellie is 100% mercury free, non-toxic and robust.

Key Features

  1. BPA-free, non-toxic plastic
  2. UV-filtered viewing window
  3. Four TRUVIOLET digital UV light LED modules
  4. Easy-to-clean, food-safe, aluminum-coated surfaces
  5. Two-bottle capacity with electroplated rotatable shelf

If It Fits Inside, It’s Sterilized.

Ellie stays useful long after the infant and toddler stages. Continue to use it to sterilize everyday items including:

Remote controls

Mobile phones


Combs & brushes

Keys & key fobs

Headphones / earbuds


Kitchen utensils

Kitchen sponges

Mouth guards


Visit Indiegogo to preorder or purchase your Ellie today!