Ellie DUV | FAQs
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Are all germs bad?

Absolutely not. Many are beneficial to humans and help us build healthy immune systems. But some germs are dangerous and life threatening — especially to babies and their underdeveloped immune systems. Most adults have fully developed immune systems, but babies and infants should (and now can, with Ellie) have additional protection from potentially harmful germs.

Why not sterilize like my parents did?

The biggest risks these days are new and emerging viruses that weren’t around before. Superbugs, for example. These are bacteria-resistant to some or all of the most commonly used antibiotics. However, superbugs are fully susceptible to the TRUVIOLET™ UV light found in Ellie. Just 60 seconds in Ellie and superbugs are rendered completely harmless. Yes, the way your parents sterilized your bottles and pacifiers still work. But with Ellie, the process is simpler, faster, safer, and portable. Ellie is the 60-second sterilizer you can take with you wherever you go.


The TRUVIOLET found in Ellie is the most advanced and effective digital UV LED technology developed. TRUVIOLET is compact and powerful, fast and convenient, deadly to superbugs, and completely safe to use. Most existing UV solutions feature mercury lamps, which can easily break. TRUVIOLET, on the other hand, is a microchip. So Ellie is 100% mercury free and completely non toxic.

How does TRUVIOLET kill germs?

When shining UV light emitted from UV LEDs onto surfaces, the germs living there will absorb it, thus triggering a photochemical reaction. This breaks the DNA of the germ cells, effectively killing them. Once destroyed, the germs can’t replicate and pose no threat to babies, infants, children, adults, or pets.

Aren’t we supposed to avoid UV light?

UV light occurs naturally; you’re exposed to it whenever you’re exposed to sunlight. While everyone needs some exposure to UV light to stay healthy, it’s also important to protect our skin and eyes from intense exposure. Ellie is designed so that neither caregiver nor baby is ever exposed to the UV light. It is 100% contained inside the case. When Ellie’s door is opened, the UV LEDs turn off.

Where else is UV light used?

Ultraviolet light is widely used in hospitals to disinfect patient rooms where it eliminates bacteria and viruses like E. coli, Staph and other germs that can cause severe illness or death. It’s also used to fight superbugs such as MRSA that can’t be killed by traditional methods using chemicals or antibiotics. For treatment applications, UV light is used for skin therapy to combat diseases like psoriasis, eczema, rickets and jaundice. In every case, UV light has proven to be effective at disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces, air, water and objects to prevent disease and illness.

What pathogens does Ellie kill?

Ellie kills such pathogens as MRSA (which causes pneumonia, meningitis, and septicemia); E. coli (which causes diarrhea and septicemia); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (which causes diarrhea); and Salmonella (which causes fever, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea).

How effective is Ellie?

The TRUVIOLET technology inside Ellie has been tested by independent third party laboratories to eradicate superbugs and more with 99.9% germicidal efficiency in just 60 seconds.

How do I use Ellie?

Simply place bottles, binkies, small toys and anything else that needs to be sterilized inside Ellie. Use a wet wipe or water to remove any dirt or milk on the objects. Put the bottle upside down with the opening facing the UV LED. Place the nipple on the middle shelf where UV LED light can get into both the exterior and interior surfaces. Rest pacifiers at the bottom, below the shelf next to the bottle. Close the door, making sure it’s locked, and press the button at the top. In 60 seconds everything is sterilized.

Does Ellie need batteries?

Ellie uses a rechargeable Lithium ion battery with micro-USB charging interface. It’s good for at least one week if used up to twenty times a day.

Why is Ellie’s interior coated with aluminum?

Ellie’s sterilization chamber is coated with highly reflective, food-safe aluminum material to help bounce the sterilizing UV light multiple times — and in numerous directions — back and forth inside the chamber. This helps expose the maximum surface area of the baby’s feeding products being sterilized.

Is Ellie BPA free?

Ellie is made of high quality, BPA-free, food-grade plastics to ensure the highest quality of safety and environmental responsibility.

Can Ellie sterilize breast pump accessories?

Ellie can be used to sterilize parts from common breast pumps, such as the cup, nipple shield, connector valves and milk bottle. Just place these parts inside Ellie and make sure they sit correctly above the UV LED lights to get maximum UV exposure. Again, please don’t overfill the Ellie case chamber with too many parts at once.

Can Ellie sterilize water for formula?

Yes. Fill a bottle with water, place the bottle in Ellie without anything over the opening, and Ellie will simultaneously sterilize the bottle’s interior and the water inside.

What else can Ellie sterilize?

Ellie was designed for baby bottles and binkies, but it’s also great for sterilizing other everyday items that can transmit germs, such as cell phones, tablets, TV remote controls, coffee mugs, key chains, toothbrushes, dentures, utensils, small toys, etc. But please remember not to overfill the Ellie case with too many items at once.

Is Ellie compatible with all baby bottles?

Ellie is compatible with most of the popular baby bottles on the market. To ensure best results, we recommend bottles made by the following brands: Philips Avent, NUK, and MAM. These bottles have simple designs and no complicated geometries inside the bottle. Ellie is compatible with Dr. Brown bottles, except for the anti-colic tube which is difficult for Ellie’s UV LED light to get into. Please avoid putting elongated tubes inside Ellie for purpose of sterilizing their interiors.

Is Ellie waterproof?

Ellie is water resistant. It can be wiped with a wet cloth, but not washed against running water or put into a dishwasher.

How big is Ellie?

Ellie is about the size of a lunch box . It’s 193mm wide, 237mm tall, and 94mm deep.

What is Ellie’s retail price?


Visit Indiegogo to preorder or purchase your Ellie today!